Symfony cache: Redis vs Memcache vs APC/APCu

TLDR: Go with Redis! REDIS VS MEMCACHE VS APCU Redis and memcache are more or less interchangeable. Redis

PhpStorm as diff tool in Sourcetree

I’am using JetBrain toolbox and this is the config I made for Sourcetree to do diff operations on

Network Security in Small Businesses

Keeping computer networks operating at peak efficiency is critical for any organization, according to professionals, as it can

Force Google to display search results in English

Whenever I search for some PHP documentation I get the results in German language although I searched in

Customize Metabse UI without modifying the core code

Metabase is a tool that allows everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data: handy when

PHP_CodeSniffer: Code Beautifier and Fixer, Symfony and PhpStorm

PHP_CodeSniffer is a set of two PHP scripts; the main phpcs script that tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS

Metabase as a service for Ubuntu

This is how I installed Metabase in Ubuntu using systemd and services: I am using MySQL and configured

PhpStorm: my plugins list

Those are some of the plugins I use daily while working on PhpStorm in alphabetic order: .ignore BashSupport

Remove MySQL from Ubuntu

rm -rf /var/run/mysqld rm -rf /var/log/mysql rm -rf /var/lib/mysql sudo apt-get remove dbconfig-mysql sudo apt-get purge mysql* sudo

Ansible role to generate unlimited SSL certificates

This is the task for SSL generation:   This is the parameters I used:

Install SSL TLS in your development machine

This one took me a lot of time to get my head over! Introduction Openssl is a TLS/SSL and

Linux: awesome helping commands

Some of the commands I often use: Search all log files for the word debug case insensitive Delete

Compile PHP extensions: GNUPG as an example

I have this error on my server: And this is how I fixed it: Short answer Remove old

Using Putty to connect to an SHH tunnel

If in Linux you use this command to make a tunnel: Then this is how you translate the

Connecting to MySQL through SSH tunnel

In this post we see how to connect to a MySQL server using SSH tunnel and local forwarding.