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Abdessamad_Idrissi_2013_bwA full-stack web developer with more than a decade of experience in software development. From initial user experience to backend code running on distributed servers… Abdessamad ‘Almu’ Idrissi knows which technology to use for each stack in order to achieve customer expectations.

While recently he is more oriented into building enterprise microservices and taking care of their deployment to both cloud (Amazon Web Services) and self-hosted Docker containers… He has worked with frontend technologies for many years: JavaScript, CSS, SASS, and tools such as NodeJs, Grunt, Gulp to name few.

An ambitious problem solver with a broad technical skillset when it comes to backend technologies and frameworks. From entry-level CMS’s (WordPress plugins & themes) to more advanced enterprise-ready web frameworks (Symfony and re-usable components) he delivers solid and unit tested code that complies with the latest standards and security advisories.

Almu is always looking for challenging projects where many technologies interact. His flexibility and understanding of teamwork make it easy to collaborate with him both in Kanban or Scrum oriented projects.

Almu speaks five languages and contributes to open source projects as he always keeps an eye on new trends in web and mobile development.

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. adam says:


    i am a french web developer and for an éducative project I need to create a dictionnary for android.

    I saw you apps on the playStore and i would like to make something like that.
    Do you know where i can get the database to develop my dictionary.

    Thank you very much

  2. admin says:


    What kind of dictionary are you trying to create? for what language?

  3. Bhavin Thummar says:

    You doing Good Job

  4. شرف الدين says:

    السلام عليكم
    اتمنى الاتصال بك بالخاص
    شكرا لك اخي عبدو

  5. Liam Offord says:

    Hello there!
    I’m a huge fan of your work, i cannot thank you enough for cracking the Movie Magic Programs for windows! I have been using your versions all through film school and they have been a life saver!
    I was recently gifted a new Mac for my birthday and I have been struggling terribly to find a copy of Movie Magic Budgeting for Mac. I am writing to ask if there is any chance you could crack Movie Magic Budgeting for OSX. If there is any chance you could help me out I would be so so grateful. Thank you! Greetings from England! Much Love!

  6. Abderrahim says:

    Hello.. We are still waiting for programation courses.. Thanks

  7. achraf says:

    ma darti m3ana walo a sadi9i bax t3almna lbarmaja ta wajdna m3ak lwar9 o stylo o nta thdrob

  8. Nguyen Hai says:

    Hello there,
    I am developing a project about parsing PSD file by library psd.js from https://github.com/meltingice/psd.js. I found out that you also researched it on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35342455/include-external-requirejs-module.

    I am having a trouble when i parse PSD file data to base64 and i sent it from browser to my server by ajax. If base64 data is big, large. I segment it into many chunks file to post by ajax. But this resolve wasted a lot of time

    Can you help me to optimize this to save the time ?

    Thanks a lot

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