Using Xdebug on windows and PhpStorm

Check which php.ini you are using with  php --ini

Install Xdebug

  • Check which version of PHP are you using, thread safe or not? php -i|grep "Thread"
  • Download the right version for your php version from
  • Copy the downloaded dll into your php extensions, in my case C:/wamp/bin/php/php7.0.7/ext/
  • Edit the php.ini file by adding this :
    ; XDEBUG Extension
    ; Xdebug features two ways of enabling the profiler, depending on the type of 
    ; application we want to profile. Setting the xdebug.profiler_enable directive 
    ; enables profiling for any application. For web applications, profiling can be 
    ; enabled on demand by specifying a special GET/POST variable or a cookie. 
    ; This can be done using the PhpStorm bookmarklets (or one of the Browser Debugging Extensions) 
    ; and setting the xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger directive to 1 in php.ini.
    ; More at
    ; If it is set to 1, then you can enable the profiler by using a GET/POST or 
    ; COOKIE variable of the name XDEBUG_PROFILE. xdebug.profiler_enable needs 
    ; to be set to 0